“My basic principle is that you don’t make decisions because they are easy; you don’t make them because they are cheap; you don’t make them because they’re popular; you make them because they’re right.”

-Theadore Hesburgh-

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Making decisions is important and you make decisions for everything. Whether it is for deciding on what to eat or deciding whether to do an action or something, you’re always making decisions. Decisions are an important thing to acknowledge because you should make the ones that benefit you and you as a person. For example, if someone drops their change and coins right in front of you, you have the choice of stopping and helping them pick it up, or you can just simply walk away. You should always look at the aspects of your decision and how it will affect you and your morals. Helping them pick up the money will make you feel good and encourage your morals within yourself. Always making the right decisions can help others too. It helps others by maybe wanting to follow your encouragement to do good. Make sure to choose the right decisions in life that benefit you as a person and your morals to always choose the right.

“I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes.”

-Abraham Lincoln-

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Doing right in life is what leads to the good life. The good life is where everybody wants to be. To get there, you need to be true and good. Be polite, have manners, and be good to your neighbors. An example of a good person would be Abraham Lincoln. He has done many great things in his life. For example, Abraham once borrowed a book from his neighbor and some water accidentally fell on it and ruined it. Lincoln apologized and worked for 3 days in a field to pay his neighbor back. Abraham also worked as a lawyer. When he knew that a client was poor, he would charge little to no fee for them. One more great thing that he did was that Abraham Lincoln worked for 4 years to pay back his debt when him and his partner’s business failed. Abraham Lincoln is a great example of being an amazing person and being good and true.

“They’re only truly great who are truly good.”

-George Chapman-

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Those who are truly good inside, are truly great. Being good inside means to not be selfish or rude inside. Beautiful, good people are kind, caring, generous, etc. People like that are truly great and amazing people. Being good inside is something our society now needs big time. People have lost their manners inside and out. People treat each other rudely with no respect. George Chapman is someone who society should listen to. Like a middle school in Michigan. The football team has a great heart.

“I hated poverty. Poverty is more of a choice than anything else, and I can change that (poverty). It depends upon how hard I want to work, and decided that I would change it.”

-Dr. Ben Carson-

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Poverty is a very big problem in the world. We, as people, should help end it. What we should begin doing to try to lessen it, is to encourage others to work for what they want. We should help encourage them to reach for their goals instead of giving up. Giving up could be some causes of poverty. Some people could have gave up in their dreams and goals which could have caused them to go into poverty. As a community, we should try to help stop poverty and help others in poverty. As Ben Carson says, we should encourage those on poverty by helping them and giving them support. Many people see poverty as something irrelevant but it’s not. In many places, not only in the country, but the world, suffer from poverty.

“Character Matters Most.”

-Dale Murphy-

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Character is more important than other things in life. Character is you as a person. Your personality, along with traits. This is what matters more than other things. Your character can be nice, kind, and supportive, which are important traits to have. Character matters most because it’s whether you do right or wrong. Whether you do good, or do bad. This is important to ask yourself before committing any actions. Is it the right thing to do? If not and you choose the right thing to do, that’s great. Where as if you realize its wrong and you still decide to go through with it, that’s what matters. That is what needs to be fixed. Dale mentions this quote because people need to see their personalities, their characters. Not many people see personalities as much anymore. It’s important to recognize a person’s character to see if you would want them in your life or if they are a bad influence. Character is what matters most.

“Great beauty, great strength, and great riches are really and truly of no great use; a right heart exceeds all.”

-Benjamin Franklin-

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People think that having good looks, being beautiful, and having money are all that matters in their life. It’s sad to see that society believes and thinks that now. In reality, none of that actually matters. Having good looks and a nice body doesn’t matter. Having an abundance of money doesn’t matter. Just because someone has all of those things, does not mean that they are more superior than others. In reality, a truly good heart is what really matters. Kindness, respectfulness, manners, and doing good and doing right is what matters. They’re all characteristics of a good person. A person who believes that they are better than others just because of what they have, is no CTR person. A true CTR person has a right heart with a good personality. More people should begin to see what actually matters, other than what really doesn’t.

“Kindness is the essence of greatness”

-Joseph B. Wirthlin-

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Kindness is one of the most important things in life. It’s a great personality trait to have. Kindness can cause others to have more respect towards you as a person and companion. Being kind helps a person’s view towards themselves and others. Being kind to others can include opening doors for others, pulling out a chair for others to sit, saying please and thank you, and many more. Doing actions like these let others believe that there are still good people around and in the world. It can help others by making their day or giving them a smile. If you do that, it can give you a smile as well. Kindness is really something this world needs more of.

“It may make a difference to all eternity whether we do right or wrong today.”

-James Freeman Clarke-

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Choices have big impacts on our lives. One small decision can create a total change in life. It’s like the butterfly effect. Things happen because of something. Now if that something was a good or bad choice, it determines how the outcome will be. Good choices can lead to good things, which is something that we all want.

“Ask yourself is it right or wrong, and act accordingly.”

-Otto Graham, Jr.-

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When you do something good, you feel good. Like wrapping a nice warm blanket around yourself when you’re cold. It just warms you right up and makes you feel so good. Before making a decision, you should always think about whether or not it’s good/the right thing to do, or bad/the wrong thing to do. Once you’ve figured out which one it is, your next move should be to act the right way. For example, if you see someone’s money fall out of their pocket and they don’t notice. You pick it up and think, “should I give it back to them, or spend it on myself?” Which is the right thing to do? The right thing to do is to give it back to them. That’s living the good life. Doing good and being good makes you feel good. As children, we were always taught to do the right thing. It really benefits yourself in the end.

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Tahiti is a glorious place to visit. It has extraordinary sights to see such as, has black sand beaches, lagoons, 2 extinct volcanoes and multiple waterfalls. The interior of Tahiti Nui is almost entirely uninhabited. Tahiti Iti has remained isolated, as its southeastern half is accessible only to those travelling by boat or on foot.


This island was first settled by migrating Polynesians in 500BC. A bit afterwards, European explorers discovered them in the 16th century and the island and its natives were colonized by France. The Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan sighted Pukapuka Atoll in the Tuamotu group in 1521. Tahiti is the largest of the islands that make up French Polynesia.

The Island Of Tahiti

Tahiti is the largest in a chain of islands that make up French Polynesia.
Commonly referred to as The Islands of Tahiti, French Polynesia is a collection of 118 islands and atolls scattered across an impressive nautical surface area the size of Western Europe. Still, these tiny islands—many of which remain uninhabited—make up a total landmass of only 1,600 square miles.
The islands are situated halfway between Los Angeles, California and Sydney, Australia. They are in the same time zone as Hawaii and located just as far south of the equator as Hawaii is north. The island of Tahiti is divided into two parts: The larger portion to the northwest is known as Tahiti Nui, while the smaller, southeastern peninsula is known as Tahiti Iti.

Tahiti really is the hub of all cultural activity. Every July, the annual Heiva I Tahiti transforms the island into a spectacular celebration of Polynesian culture and dance. Year round, you can also catch an authentic Tahitian dance show at the Intercontinental Resort every Friday and Saturday night. ? This waterfront promenade comes to life at night when gourmet food trucks, Les Roulottes, open their windows to serve a range of affordable meals including Chinese food, French crépes, steak fries, fresh fish and pizza.

Food In Tahiti

One of the joys of traveling is trying local foods and French Polynesia serves up a variety of taste treats – some familiar and others exotic.

The famous raw fish with coconut milk. This dish is prepared with tuna or bonito fish cute into cubes marinated in lemon juice, sliced onion, tomato, cucumber, garlic, spring onion and homemade coconut milk.

It’s a fish dish. Generally the “fafaru” is prepared with slices of tuna or parrot fishes that have been macerated in sea water with crushed heads of shrimps.

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In Tahiti, they have excellent beef and lam meat from New Zealand so if you are a meat lover you will be happy in French Polynesia. Have you heard about the skewer veal heart? Don’t pay attention of the name that could disgust lot of people.  This skewer veal heart is really appreciated from the Tahitian and they eat it with mustard and barbecue sauce. Try it you won’t regret it, this is absolutely yummy.

Tahitian or Chinese raw fish

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